Roundtable: Second Thursday of every month at 7pm
Address: 3114 South St, Lakewood 90712

Topics of the Month!

October 2019 Thursday, October 10: All You Need to Know About CAMPORALL

With the 100th Anniversary Camporall only weeks away, this is your chance to get all the details you need to enjoy a superb weekend campout. Discussion will be led by event chair himself Bob Colley. All are welcome. Unit leaders and unit coordinators are encouraged to show up for this special gathering. Get the scoop on activities, logistics, parking, unloading, campsites, and more.

November 2019 Thursday, November 14: Complete Renewals For 2020

Our very own Sandy Van Wyk will be back to review all you need to know about rechartering your pack, troop, crew, ship, or post for the 2020 calendar year. This is a very important task every unit must complete! Better to know how to do it right the first time than be stuck with questions at the last minute!