Unit Fundraisers

We have two fundraisers for you! 



Camp Cards

More infowww.longbeachbsa.org/popcorn www.longbeachbsa.org/campcards
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Ok so how does it work?

Popcorn: we do have items in stock at our office for you to sell anytime. Check it out from us either up front and sell it for whatever you want or sell it at our price and return a percentage.

Popcorn online has unlimited inventory and the product ships direct to the consumer. You can also purchase it directly to you and then use that to sell to neighbors and friends. Prizes are all built in and works well using Amazon gift cards.

Families can choose to sell popcorn or camp cards or BOTH! And not every family in your unit has to participate.

The concept is pretty easy. You sell the card for $10, keep $3-$4 (not final yet). Let us know how many cards you want to sell, and off you go. Sales period April-May sales period but the cards are good through December and you can sell them as long as you want to. 

See a list of discounts at the link above.

The virtual part is this: each card will have a unique code on it so if someone from out of state or out of the area wants to buy a card, you can send them the code for the card rather than having to mail the actual card. That code will bring up a list of discounts in their area so they can still use the card whenever they are.









Click on the respective icon for more info on either popcorn or camp card sales.