Merit Badge Sponsors

What is a Merit Badge?

  • Awards earned by youth members, based on activities and learning within an area of study 
  • Examples: Personal Management, Family Life, Fishing, Medicine, Leatherwork, and Reading

What does a Merit Badge Counselor do?

  • They teach and guide youth to achieving Merit Badges
  • They give insight into an area of study not covered in school and can lead to possible career interest in the field 

Why we want you:

  • You offer expertise in a field that another adult could not offer
  • We are always looking for new partnerships within the community we serve

How will this benefit you?

  • You will be promoted among the nearly 4,000 youth and hundreds of adult leaders that Long Beach Scouting Serve. 
  • We will award you with a certificate to recognize your commitment to Scouting and the service you gave to the community you do business in.

What’s the next step?

Thank you to the following community sponsors for their ongoing support of local Scouting programs.