Friends of Scouting

We Could Really Use Your Help

Would you give a charitable donation to help us through these trying times? We humbly ask for your support to keep Scouting going locally. With very little camp revenue or Scout Shop sales, we could really use your help.

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  1. Online giving is the safest and most efficient
    • Options to give one-time or recurring monthly
    • Use any credit card
    • Receive automatic receipts and notification via mobile and email
  2. Send a check via mail to 401 E 37th St Long Beach 90807
  3. No checkbook with you? Text the word Launch to 41444
  4. Bring cash to our Scout Office at 401 E 37th Long Beach 90807
  5. Volunteer your time — submit hours to your employer
  6. Matching gifts — ask your employer to match your donation
  7. Shop on Amazon Smile — we get 0.05% when you choose Long Beach Are Council
  8. Contact Marc Bonner via email or at 562-684-3163

We have the highest rankings on both GuideStar and Charity Navigator


Help us build an adventure for youth! 

You can help us fulfill our mission of offering a quality Scouting program to every eligible youth in our community. In fact, you are a very important part of our success. We rely on parent and community support because we receive no national or state funding. 

The Friends of Scouting campaign raises funds from people just like you committed to seeing the Scouting program thrive. Parents, family, friends, peers, employers, and companies alike can make tax-deductible gifts to support youth in our community. 

The Long Beach Area Council is a 501(c)3 organization recognized by the IRS. We operate on charitable contributions from people like you. We have earned a rare, 4-star charity rating from Charity Navigator, the leading independent non-profit evaluator.

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FAQ – How do I…?

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What or who is Friends of Scouting (FOS)?

 You, me, and everyone. Friends of Scouting is the name given to our annual giving campaign raising funds from people like you committed to seeing the Scouting program thrive. Parents, family, friends, peers, employers, and companies can all make tax-deductible gifts to support our Scouting program.

Why is the Council asking me for money?

Simply put, we ask families to support us to cover the true cost of the program. True cost? Yes. What most members of Scouting don’t see are the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid annually to have a Scouting program here in the Long Beach area.  Things such as Camp Tahquitz, Sea Base, rank advancement record keeping, newsletters, webpages and other communications to keep us all connected.  In addition, we pay National BSA franchise fees, insurance fees, software fees, and other costs that we are not allowed to pass on to Scouting families. Instead, we ask for your voluntary support. The true cost to operate Scouting locally is more than $580 per Scout per year.

National Fees

$23,000/year — Property Insurance
$21,000/year — National Fee 
$19,000/year — Liability Insurance Fee 
$8,400/year — ScoutNet Fee
$4,000/year — Supplemental Accident
$2,125/year — Learning for Life Fee
$1,440/year — Unemployment Ins Fee 
$135,000+ — Scout Shop Inventory
$60/person — Membership Fee


$5,000/year — Scouter’s Key Newsletter 
$5,000/year — Online Event Registration 
$1,750/year — Donor Newsletter 
$1,500/year — Printed Calendar
$2,000/year — Website
$600/year — Weekly e-News

Camp Tahquitz

$300,000 — Bridge Across Hwy 38
$300,000 — Restroom Facilities
$77,000 — Health Lodge & Kiwanis Lodge Renovations
$40,000/year — Horse Program
$25,000 — Kiwanis Lodge Deck Repair
$8,000 — Pool Heater
$6,000 — Climbing Ropes/Harnesses
$5,000 — Shotgun Range
$5,000 — Water Wells Reactivated
$350 — Send a Kid to Camp
$300 — Robotics Kit
$2,500,000 – New Dining Hall

Wait, but haven’t I paid my dues already?

Yes — but none of that money stays local. Your $60-84 membership fee is collected locally but is sent directly to National BSA. They use that for research and development; marketing, training materials, and national high adventure camps in New Mexico, Minnesota, Florida, and West Virginia. 

What about my Pack or Troop dues?

Right again — your Pack or Troop probably collects dues for their annual expenses too. Things like outings, awards, equipment, activities, food, transportation, and materials. This money stays with the Pack or Troop. So 100% of your dues either go to National BSA or stay in your Pack or Troop. None of that benefits the Long Beach Area Council who provides the opportunity to be a Scout in this area as well as support, activity and training programs. 

Ok, so what does the Long Beach Area Council spend money on? 

Why do you need my money? 
Below shows you just a small sample of the costs to run our local Scouting program. We ask for your support because we are not allowed to mandate any fee above and beyond the $60-84 membership fee that is collected by us and sent to the National BSA office. 

What do you do with my money? 

Over 87% goes to programs. That means summer camps, day camps, program equipment, materials, camporee, trainings, membership campaigns, insurance, inner-city outreach and more. The Long Beach Area Council’s budget is $1,959,700 for 2020. Here is the breakdown of expenses: 
87.8% – Program
8.6% – Administrative 
3.5% – Fundraising

Among the council’s many important functions are:

  • operating summer camps
  • handling year-round camping programs
  • conducting formal and informal training
  • supporting district and council events
  • maintaining communications (weekly emails, newsletters, and website)
  • recording advancement
  • providing unit accident insurance
  • processing registration

Just so we are clear, the Long Beach Area Council is member supported.

  • no federal funding
  • no state funding
  • no national BSA funding
  • raises 100% of the dollars here in the Long Beach area
  • all dollars raised support the youth in our community

So you ask parents to pay everything? Why not ask business or other people for money?

No, parents do not shoulder the entire load. We absolutely ask the community at large for support. The cost to support one scout in the Long Beach Area Council for one year is more than $640 per year. The Council subsidizes a majority of that cost for all Scouts. We ask families to help offset a small portion of the true cost. Fully 87% of the Council budget comes from sources other than donations from families. Speaking of our annual budget, here is our expected income sources for 2020: 

$767,000– Camping & Activity Revenue    
$450,000 — Investment Income
$187,500 — Foundation Grants
$142,000 — Friends of Scouting
$94,000 — Scout Shop
$90,200 — Other Sources

$85,000 — Popcorn and Camp Cards
$79,000 — Special Events

$60,000 — Insurance Fee Recovery

Who is the Long Beach Area Council?

The Long Beach Area Council is one of 261 councils (think of franchises) of the Boy Scouts of America independently operated to run Scouting programs in the greater Long Beach area. We serve over 3,100 youth and 1,200 registered adult volunteers like you. We are a 501(c)3 organization in good standing recognized by the IRS. Additionally, we have earned a rare 4-star charity rating from Charity Navigator, the leading independent non-profit evaluator, and have been named to their Top 10 Charities Worth Watching in the United States.

What do I get for giving?

From experience we have found that most donors give from the heart knowing they make a difference in an organization in which they believe in and may even benefit from. More often than not, they do not ask or want anything in return. Giving can be deeply fulfilling. That said, we do offer small tokens of appreciation. 

Charitable Gift Item
Any gift $10+ Long Beach Area Council ballpoint pen
$120-$249 Fleur-de-lis silver lapel pin
$250+ Blue embossed Long Beach Area Council notebook

What about camp discounts? 

Units can earn their choice of outdoor experience if and only if their unit fulfills their Friends of Scouting goal by May 31, 2020. Choose from:

  1. FREE overnighter at Camp Tahquitz
  2. FREE 3-hour paddlecraft adventure at the Long Beach Sea Base
  3. Not intended as binding agreement. Subject to change by Camp Management.

For more information, please contact the Scout Service Center (562) 427-0911.