Archery Equipment

Help us buy new archery equipment for Camp Tahquitz!

Long Beach Area Council’s archery program needs to be refreshed and improved, with modern bows, arrows, targets, safety equipment, quivers, a bow rack, and maintenance equipment

Archery education has changed for the better. The old, awkward fiberglass stick bows with an oversized grip have given way to new, safer bows that provide positive experiences for beginners.  That’s what we want!

OUR GOAL: $3,300

We’ve already received over half of this thanks to a generous matching gift donor! 

What if we raise more than $3,300? 

We will use additional funds raised to buy supplies. We always have a need for more string-making material, replacements arrows, repair parts, target faces, and more. 

Here’s what we’re looking to get:

When scouts have positive early experiences with archery, they can gain a great hobby, or even go on to international competitions, including the Olympics.

Here’s an article about a Long Beach scout who is now on the national team (though he’s not on this year’s Olympic team). He shoots a bow style that isn’t included in the Olympic program.

He first tried archery as a Cub Scout, and now he’s on the USA Archery Team

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