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Scouts BSA Troop Resources


** Updates to the Camping Merit Badge and Swimming Rank Advancement


* NEW! Merit Badge Pamphlets on Kindle
* NEW! 8 Virtual Tours
* Merit Badges from Home
* Merit Badges for Social Distancing
* How to do a Board of Review via Video Conference
* Activities and Skill Videos
* Troop Leader Resources


* 30 Day – Challenge: Scouts BSA
* 30 Day – Rank Challenge: Scout
* 30 Day – Rank Challenge: Tenderfoot
* 30 Day – Rank Challenge: Second Class
* 30 Day – Rank Challenge: First Class


* ScoutSTRONG PALA Award
* ScoutSTRONG Healthy Unit
* Be MedWise Guide


* Virtual Troop Meeting #1 [PDF](large file, be patient)
* Virtual Troop Meeting #2 [PDF](large file, be patient)
* Scouts Jeopardy Game [PDF](large file, be patient)


* Can advancements be tracked remotely? Yes.
* Can parents sign off on requirements for Cub Scouts? Yes.
* Can Cub advancements be done through the summer? Yes.
* Can merit badges be modified? No.
* Can merit badges be done via teleconference? Yes.
* Are there extensions for Eagle? Yes.
* READ THIS: Advancement Info During COVID-19
* Get help using Scoutbook
* Use Scoutbook to track merit badge requirements
* Schedule Eagle Scout Board of Review: email Sandy

Library of Resources

* All Trails App: Find Hiking & Biking Trails, Ratings & Images
* Geocaching
* Virtual Hikes
* StoneAgeMan Outdoor Adventure Training: YouTube Videos
* Live Animal and Location Cams
* 1 Hour of Camping Sounds [YouTube Video]
* Make Solar Oven S’mores
* San Diego Zoo: Virtual Tour & Activities
* Farm: Virtual Tour
* Wild Kratts: Videos & Games
* Octonauts: You Tube Videos

* HiHo Kids Interviews With All Types of People: YouTube Videos
* Ted Ed: Video Based Lesson Plans
* TIME Magazine for Kids
* PBS Nova: Online Video Series
* Khan Academy: Free Online Lessons
* Outschool: Low Cost Live Online Classes & Camps
* Sawyer: Free & Paid Online Classes & Camps
* Udemy: On Demand Classes
* HomeSchool Pop: YouTube Videos
* Storyline Online: Celebrities Reading Books: Online Video Series
* Explained: Netflix Series
* Adam Ruins Everything: Tru TV Series

* Sketchpad: Free Drawing Software
* Canva: Free Design Software
* Mo Wiilems Lunch Doodles: YouTube Video Series
* Draw with a Disney Artist: Online Video Series
* Paint With an Animal: Paid Virtual Event
* Lourve: Virtual Tour
* The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York: Virtual Tour
* Guggenheim Museum in New York: Virtual Tour

* The Who Was? Show: Netflix Series
* Educational Videos For Students: YouTube Video Series
* HISTORY Channel Classroom: Education Guides & Tools
* A Kid Explains History: YouTube Video Series
* Horrible Histories: YouTube Video Series
* The White House Experience: Mobile App
* Mount Vernon: Virtual Tour
* The Jefferson Monticello: Virtual Tour
* Museum of the American Revolution: Virtual Tour
* Boston Tea Party Interactive Experience: Paid Personalized Virtual Group Experience
* The Alamo: Virtual Tour

* Crash Course: Online Video Series
* Peekaboo Kidz: YouTube Video Series
* Mythbusters Jr: Science Channel Series
* Brainchild: Netflix Series
* Bill Nye At Home Science Experiments
* Bill Nye Saves The World: Netflix Series
* Mark Rober Science & Engineering: YouTube Video Series
* StoryBots: Videos & Songs
* The Magic School Bus: Netflix Series
* Don’t Memorize Math & Science: YouTube Videos
* Mystery Science: Free & Paid Lessons
* Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing: Virtual Tour
* Mars: Virtual Tour
* US Space & Rocket Center 2020: YouTube Video Tour
* National Geographic Classroom
* Blue Planet: BBC Earth Series
* Blue Planet II: BBC Earth Series
* Planet Earth: BBC One Series
* Planet Earth II: BBC One Series
* Our Planet: Netflix Series

* Disaster Detector: Online Game
* Hey Kids Lets Cook
* Good Eats: Recipes & The Science Behind Them

* Kahoot!: Play An Existing Game or Easily Build Your Own
* Jeopardy!: Play An Existing Game or Easily Build Your Own
* Easy Games For Gathering Activities
* Minute To Win It Games
* Active Indoor Games
* Alexa Games For Kids
* JackBox Games: Paid Multiplayer Games

* Movelee: Online Video Series
* Go Noodle: Online Video Series
* Just Dance:Online Video Series
* Activity Hero: Free & Paid Live Classes & Camps

* Volunteer Match: A Network of Volunteer Opportunities
* Zooniverse: Volunteer Database
* Operation Gratitude: Send Paracord Bracelets, Letters & More To Our Troops
* Meals on Wheels: Decorate Bags for Meals
* StoriiTime: Read To Seniors Over Zoom
* Cards For Hospitalized Kids