Webelos to Scouts

What is the WEST Fair?

We would like to give your family a first hand look at what Scouts BSA is all about! The Webelos to Scout Transition Fair will give you a preview of different Troops in our community. This is a great way to visit with Scouts and parents from other troops. Also a good way to find the best fit for you and your Webelos Scout.

Webelos Open House

Date: Thursday, September 11

Time: 7:00pm
(Boy Scout Troops set up at 6:30pm)

Location: TBD

Photos from 2019

Questions to Ask Scouts BSA

Event questions? Email Marc Bonner

List of Girl-Troops 2019:

Troop #    # of Scouts Location Scoutmaster   
Troop 25 6 Belmont Heights United Methodist Church Al Butler
Troop 134 6 Arbor Road Church Rosa Talag
Troop 371
9 St. Dominic Savio Angelica Hernandez

List of Boy-Troops 2019:

Troop #    # of Scouts Location Scoutmaster   
Troop 21
11 Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach John Fritz
Troop 25 5 Belmont Heights United Methodist Church Al Butler
Troop 29 18 Bixby Knolls Christian Church Robert McClure
Troop 32 info
19 St. Barnabas Juan Carpio
Troop 65 info
66 Lakewood Village Community Church    Tom Soto
Troop 67 info 
36 St. Cyprian  Jonathan Kennelly
Troop 74 37 Los Altos United Methodist Greg Benedict
Troop 75 info 29 Bethany Lutheran Matt Warner
Troop 117 6 St. Gregory’s Episcopal Todd Saunders
Troop 120
100 St. Joseph’s Gene Wohlgezogen
Troop 126
22 Los Altos United Church of Christ Robert Salcedo
Troop 134 61 Arbor Road Church Mat Talag
Troop 140       22 St. Timothy Lutheran Wil Huiza
Troop 212 
45 Grace First Presbyterian John Douglas
Troop 224 23 St. Maria Goretti Willie Vargas
Ship 501   Poseidon Program  

updated 9/13/19

Adventure and excitement ahead

Trust us, the fun is only beginning. Joining Scouts BSA after Webelos is a whole new game! 

The second part of the evening will be a Troop display where you can;
    1. See the Troops of Long Beach Area Council who are looking for Webelos to join their unit. 
    2. The Scouts and Scout Leaders will set up a 10×10 booth with informational handouts about their troop
    3. Leaders and youth will answer your questions
    4. They will have dates that you can come visit the troop along with a troop calendar so you know what your Webelos will have an opportunity to do in the unit.

Why should I go?

As you look back at all the exciting times your family has had thus far we hope that you and your son are looking forward to the next adventure in Scouts BSA. 

Scouts BSA is for youth 11 – 17 years old that are looking for adventure, leadership opportunities, and hands on learning. This program is focused on helping youth develop top notch leadership skills and character through outdoor adventures and merit badge discovery.