Adventure Patch Series

We are excited to announce a new limited edition Adventure Patch for 2020! These are available by pre-order.

We are also offering unique Adventure Patch Segment patches go around your 2020 Patch. These represent many of our scheduled Family activities and can be earned as part of the program or on your own. Other physical activities may be substituted for the above activities at the discretion of the parent or leader, as long as the activity is at a similar difficulty level for the youth.

Order Form Coming Soon

Note 1: Documentation is not required, Scouts Honor. Simply parental confirmation. Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Note 2: If you registered for the following programs (Council Bike Ride and the Family Virtual Campout), you will receive one patch for each paid registration. We will advise you when they are in.

Pickup only. Please arrange a pick up time at
401 E 37th St. Long Beach CA 90807

Contactless, curbside pickup.

When: Earn these patches anytime!

Questions: Contact Albert via email here.