Christmas Parade

PHOTOS: Christmas Parade 2023

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade

Info from 2023 You Need to Know!

Where: Meeting on Livingston Ave. west of 2nd St.

Look for the Scouts!

We are told we are entry #15…

LIABILITY WAIVER –> fill this out and bring with you.

Vehicle Permit –> only for vehicles in the parade

3:30pm – if you are bringing a float (ie. vehicle, vehicle w/ trailer, etc.)
4:30pm – if you are walking

See Parade Route

The parade is 1.2 miles long — it will take approx 1.5 hours to complete the loop.
Step off is PROMPTLY at 6:00pm

The parade starts at Livingston and goes east to Bay Shore, makes a u-turn and comes back to the beginning.

ALL animals must be on a leash. Attendees can NOT PET the animals.

ALL children must be accompanied by adult supervision.

Parking: Beach lots next to the Belmont Pool. To get there, you must enter Ocean Avenue from the West (from Downtown Long Beach side).

Parking can be found in the beach public parking lots along Ocean and will be FREE that night
2nd Street CLOSES at 4:00pm!!!

While you are on the parade route:

  • Please maintain a 10 foot distance between you and the entry in front of you.
  • Do not stop unless absolutely necessary.
  • If you have routines try to do them when there is a natural stop and please keep them to 1 minute or less.
    Keep a watchful eye for attendees.

Put on your best when you see the lights at CHASE Bank – that is where we are filming and taking photographs.

We are LIVE STREAMING on our website BEGINNING AT 5PM with a PRESHOW — — let your out of town friends and family know!!!

NO ALCOHOL — please wait to have your celebratory libations after the parade 

You can NOT throw things out to the crowd. If you have something to give out please HAND it to them.


  • Do NOT stop and gather.
  • Please continue in formation until you reach BENNET
  • You must immediately break apart and get off of the street.
  • The parade is a moving conveyor belt and stopping still at the end creates a stop throughout the route and could cause crashing.

For those of you with walking groups, it is a good idea to have a wagon with water, snacks and a place to throw unwanted jackets etc while on the route.

IT WILL BE COLD so dress appropriately.

Waiting is the hardest part. To help pass the time we suggest you wait to do some of your decorating and/or costuming while you are in line. Consider doing some team building, playing games and getting to know your neighbors.

BATHROOMS — there will be porta potties at Quincy and 2nd Street for you.


SMILE .. you’re on camera!! Think of the tons of people that will be taking photos and filming this event, give it your best holiday spirit!

Troops, consider carrying backpacks, camping gear, fishing poles, etc as a way to show off your Troop

All participants, consider wearing Christmas-inspired decorative items such as stocking caps, battery=powered string lights, etc.

Have a great time!!!

This event happens RAIN OR SHINE.

If it rains we will continue and hope for a drizzle, or hope it’s just for a few moments.
The event will not be canceled.

See event Flyer

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Official Event Page Here