John’s Retirement

Join us in celebrating John Fullerton’s retirement!

Thank you for those who came to recognize and thank John Fullerton for 12 years of dedicated service in the Long Beach Area Council. John’s career spanned 32 years in Southern California.

If you would like to make a contribution in John’s honor, or help contribute toward the retirement events, please click the blue button.

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Photos from December 1 Dinner Event

Fullerton's Retirement Dinner

If you have any advice or wishes for John, please fill out the section on the RSVP form. All forms will be collected and placed into a memory book for John at the Community Picnic.

If you would like to contribute Photos of you and John during the last 12 years, we will be including them in the evenings scrolling slide show at the Dinner Reception. Send your digital photos to Albert Guerra, Council President via email here or call (818) 399-8398 for more information.