Eagle Projects Around Town

Ready for some real talk?

The Long Beach Area Council recognizes over 60 Eagle Scouts per year and provides over 35,000 hours of service back to our own community every single year. But what does that mean?

Check out some of the projects our Scouts are doing around town. Since January 1, 2012, Scouts have performed more than 150 service projects in the Greater Long Beach Area alone. We’re willing to bet you recognize some of these projects:


  • Bethany Church: Ian built the church sign
  • Tincher K-8 School: Matthew built backpack racks for students
  • St. Cornelius Church: Spencer installed security cameras
  • Our Lady of Refuge: Connor built garden boxes
  • St. Cyprian: Frederico constructed shaded canopy over the gardens
  • Bethany Lutheran School: Christian made playground safer
  • Campfire USA: Peter built a shed
  • Millikan High School: Caleb built a military tribute for veterans
  • St. Cornelius: William built a storage shed
  • El Dorado Dog Park: Jordan built four benches
  • Los Altos United Methodist Church: Kenny cleaned the garden and built a bench
  • Buffum Elementary School: Aaron built PE equipment for orthopedically impaired students
  • St. Cornelius: Nolan installed a PA system


  • Buffum Elementary School: Andrew built puppet theatres for special needs kids
  • Millikan High School: Antoine beautified barren areas near auditorium
  • The Arc: Michael created wheelchair accessible gardens
  • Long Beach Animal Control Center: Nathan built counter space and cabinetry
  • El Dorado Park Lake: Nathanial made a sitting area and walkway
  • Bethany Church: David organized the attic space
  • St. Joseph: William renovated backyard of the rectory
  • Long Beach City College: Abraham educated students about the right to vote
  • College Estates Park Rec Center: Slater repaired and painted recreation center
  • Christ Lutheran Church: Benjamin built an arbor at entrance
  • GO-FAME: James built stage sections and curtain
  • LBCC Child Development Center: Eric constructed fence around the play area
  • Lakewood Village Community Church: Matthew built a new shed
  • Cubberley Elementary School: Kevin constructed new carom game boards
  • Senior Citizen Center: Lee made a self defense video
  • Jewish Community Center: Randall build backpack cubbies
  • Millikan High School: Kyle built a new walkway
  • El Dorado Nature Center: Warren built benches
  • El Dorado Archery Center: Tyler built bow racks


  • Grace First Presbyetrian: Bradley built benches
  • Tincher Prep School: Benjamin built a worm bin
  • Cubberley Elementary School: Kevin built shelves for the music room
  • Wilson High School: Matthew built shields for the Bruinettes
  • Prisk Elementary School: Mitchell built a tool shed
  • Mark Twain Elementary: Tyler added a handball court, planters, and benches
  • Long Beach City College PCC: Nicholas built a new seating area
  • His Nesting Place North Long Beach: Paul installed new air conditioning
  • St. Barnabas Parish School: Jonathan obtained 12 computers for mathematics lab
  • Bragg Elementary School: Calvin constructed a raised garden for students to grow vegetables
  • Millikan High School: Robert designed an space for handicapped students
  • Vista Del Mar Senior Living Center: Andrew designed and built three wheelchair accessible planter stands
  • Signal Hill Elementary School: Samuel created a kiosk for teachers to post lesson plans
  • Westerly School: Jacob constructed a greenhouse teaching environmental sustainability
  • El Dorado Park Archery Facility: Alex built two well-needed seven-foot benches
  • Port of Los Angeles: John restored an urban forest by repairing water systems and planting 25 trees

The following projects are made even more impressive when you consider the average project:

  • takes 180 hours to plan and complete,
  • is done at no cost to the recipient,
  • includes labor and materials provided at no charge,
  • is coordinated by a young man age 13-17