Doug Skare Leaves Long Beach

Doug Skare, longtime Scout and Scouting volunteer is leaving Long Beach in January 2022. Approaching his 89th birthday early next month, Doug is moving to an assisted living facility in the San Diego area to be closer to his oldest daughter. Doug started his Scouting career in May 1945 when he joined Troop 25 as a 12-year-old at the First Methodist Church on Pacific Avenue. He has not dropped his Scout registration since that date. He topped out at the rank of Star Scout in February 1949. He went into Explorer Post 14 and later Post 31, reaching the Explorer rank of Woodsman in December 1949.

Doug was inducted into the Tribe of Tahquitz in 1949. Based on his demonstrated skills that summer he was appointed as an officer–Keeper of the Tally (secretary/treasurer)–immediately following his induction. He later served as Medicine Man for the 1952-53 Tribe year.


As an adult Doug became Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 25 in February 1951 when he turned 18 and has remained in that position ever since.

Doug was a teacher and later administrator in the Long Beach Unified School District. He married and started a family in Long Beach. Doug and his wife bought their home on Iroquois Avenue in 1965. He remained active with Troop 25 all those years.

Doug’s many awards include District Award of Merit from the old Dan Beard District (Downtown Long Beach) in 1971 and Silver Beaver in 1979. In 2017 he received his 70-year BSA Veteran Award, which means he should earn his 75-year pin this year.

Doug is pictured with his longtime Troop 25 alumnus, Andy Hale, who is only up to his 65-year BSA Veteran status as of 2019. Doug and Andy have other things in common: Both are Silver Beavers and both have three daughters and no sons, but have nevertheless served faithfully as Scouting volunteers with Troop 25 for well over a century of combined tenure.