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Sea Scouts 100th Anniversary!

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Sea Scouts 100th

Map for Driving Directions

PHOTOS: Sea Scout Luau

Sea Scout Luau 2024

Long Beach Sea Scouting

Most Ships meet Tuesday nights 7pm @ Long Beach Sea Base
Location: 5875 E. Appian Way, Long Beach, CA 90803 – Directions
(near Mother’s Beach, under the 2nd St Bridge)


For more information, please contact Mary Norco via email or at (562) 344-1589.

Quartermaster Award

Congratulations to Zackery for earning their prestigious award in 2023.

What is Sea Scouting?

Sea Scouts is a specialized program, organized to address a youth members’ boating skills and promote knowledge of our maritime heritage.

Welcome aboard—to the fun and adventure of Sea Scouts, a program combining the traditions of the past with the technology of the future. Whether you look to the sea for a career or lifelong hobby, Sea Scouts is for you. To join, you must be 14 years old (or 13 years and completed the eighth grade) but not yet 21.

Sea Scout programs are run by the youth members. Elected officers plan and conduct the program. Being part of the vessel’s crew teaches teamwork. As experience is gained, more opportunities arise to contribute to the leadership of the unit.

Sea Scouts give service to others. The element of water makes Sea Scouts unique. Sea Scout units use a variety of boats, from outboard motorboats to large sailing yachts.

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Sea Scouts Belong to Ships

Sea Scout units, called “ships,” focus on sailing and cruising either sailboats, power vessels or paddle sports. During the boating season, Sea Scouts learn to maintain and operate vessels, with a focus on learning the safe and proper methods of handling boats. Sea Scouts also learn the meaning of buoys and lights, how to take advantage of wind and tide, and how to drop anchor or approach a dock.

Most ships hold formal meetings conducted in either full dress or work uniforms. Swimming, lifesaving, first aid, Coast Guard Auxiliary Sailing and Seamanship, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses are taught with the ship by their own youth officers or other adult mentors. The state safe boating course is also offered to their members by many ships. Occasionally movies are shown, regattas between crews are held, or intership rendezvous are arranged.

Advancement and Awards

Sea Scouts are recognized and rewarded for the things they learn and do. You can earn valuable certifications in SCUBA, boating safety, lifesaving, and CPR, as well as advance in rank from Apprentice to Quartermaster. Each certification and level of advancement marks your growth as a sailor and a leader.

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Uniforming is an important part of developing program recognition and self-identity. By wearing the Sea Scout uniform, youth make a statement to observers about courtesy, thoughtfulness, honesty, and other core values that convey character.

Working on a vessel reinforces the fact that with privilege comes responsibility. The same is true with the privilege of wearing the Sea Scout uniform. Anything done while wearing the uniform reflects upon the reputation of all Sea Scouts in our nation. It becomes each Sea Scout’s responsibility to always do the right thing, and it becomes each Sea Scout’s responsibility to keep the Sea Scout uniform correctly creased, cleaned, and maintained.

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