Renewals 2023

Info To Renew for 2023

See Renewal Instructions

The renewal system will be available beginning Friday, October 1. Processors must be one of the registered key 3, or a key 3 delegate, or COR delegate for the unit. They will log in to using their personal my.scouting credentials. The manual, FAQs and video are located at

The annual charter agreement (or MOU for Exploring) is not part of the online process, but it will need to be submitted


If you pay online and receive no warnings or attachments needed, your unit will post automatically with no further review. This means Sandy will not be able to correct any overpayments, and National will not issue refunds.

If you choose to pay at the Long Beach Scout Shop, Sandy will have the opportunity to review for completion status in order to ensure accuracy of payments. We strongly recommend this option. Begin your renewal online, submit it online, but your best option is to pay in person. 


Membership Fees 2023

Announced on July 28: new membership fees for 2023. Below are the increases outlined and some reminders. Be sure to check the calculator below to figure your amounts due.

 Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea ScoutsAll registered adult volunteers in unit and non-unit positions. (Multiple registrations will continue to pay for only one position.)Exploring participants ages 10-20
National Fee$75$45$45
Council Fee$75$15$15
TOTAL ANNUAL$150$60$60
MONTHLY FEE$12.50 $5.00$5.00
New Member Fee$25 flat fee, one time  
Unit Charter Fee$100 per unit  
Scout Life Magazine$15 per year  

Notes to keep in mind:

  • Cost of doing business has increased significantly
  • Insurance and mandated wage increases have skyrocketed 
  • Costs are increasing all around us
  • Income and charitable giving has decreased significantly
  • All neighboring councils charge similar fees
  • Scouting is a year-round, 12-month program
  • We have cut expenses to a barebones level
  • Yet we have maintained core services and programs throughout 

Important Forms: Renewal Handbook


  1. Charter Agreement
  2. Charter Agreement: Council Unit
  3. UMC Affiliation Agreement
  4. Short Form Facility Use Agreement
  5. UMC Facilities Use Agreement
  6. Annual MOU (Exploring only)


  1. Youth Application
  2. Adult Application
  3. Exploring Adult Application
  4. Exploring Youth Application

Award Forms

  1. Journey to Excellence Award Score Sheets
  2. Unit Award of Appreciation 

Important Dates & Deadlines:

Please Note: All charters must be submitted no later than Friday, December 2. This is necessary to allow enough time for your charter to be processed prior to its expiration on December 31st.

Youth Protection

The Long Beach Area Council requires current Youth Protection Training (YPT) for all adults.

Click Here for YPT Information

Take State Training Here

Submit Your Completion Certificate

Download Fingerprint Form