Pike Hike

Pike Hike – Long Beach!

When: enjoy this family or small-group outing anytime at your own convenience and at your own pace.

See Hike Guide Here

The enclosed hike will introduce Scouts to the early development of Long Beach and its unique
architecture. This 5.2 mile route is a perfect conditioning hike and takes about 2-3 hours. Units are
encouraged to conduct the hike in smaller groups, or start at staggered times, due to the crowded and
narrow sidewalks. Long Beach weather is generally mild, but “Be Prepared”. Sunscreen, hats and water
bottles will be needed in the summer. Jackets, water bottles and possibly rain gear will be needed in the
winter. If conducting this walk in April, you may run into detours due to the Toyota Grand Prix of Long
Beach. There are many places to eat in downtown Long Beach, especially in the Pike area and along Pine