Pinewood Derby

Derby 2022 Results Posted Here!

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Thank you to all the Scouts and families who participated.

LBAC Derby Hall of Fame
List of Champions

2022 – Eric R. Pack 134

2021 – Ricky H. Pack 205

2020 – Ricky H. Pack 205

2019 – Cole M. Pack 206

2018 – Cole M. Pack 206

2017 – Cole M. Pack 206

2016 – Cole M. Pack 206

2015 – Owen D. Pack 206

Want to know more?

Please contact event co-chairs Rob via email or Dave via email.

Derby Clinic Photos

Derby Clinic #1

Clinic Videos: 

Pinewood Derby Buddy Challenge! Challenge Card

Invite a friend to join Scouting, challenge them to a Pinewood Derby Race-off and                                                we’ll give your friend a “free” Pinewood Derby Car! Give your friend a “challenge card” and they                      can use it to redeem their free pinewood derby car or better yet bring them to a clinic.

2021 Championship Races