Tahquitz Grant

CalFire Grant News!

Terms of the Grant:

  • Total grant $1.2M
  • Five year process, first year environmental and archaeological studies
  • 196 acres treatment acres
  • Creating a “shaded fuel break”
  • A shaded fuel break is created by altering surface fuels, increasing the height to the base of the live crown, and opening the canopy by removing trees 300′ wide along 2 miles of road (Hwy 38, Glass Rd.)
  • Improves access areas for fire suppression and evacuation
  • Removal of dead, diseased or pest infected trees within the property
  • Restoration of the 3 meadows to remove invasive species and restore to original size
  • Improve defensible space around all habitable structures on the property enhance fire mitigation
  • All wood product will be masticated/chipped, processed on property for use in projects, or processed as firewood
  • Efforts will be made to restore forest condition to original species dominance, with removal of succession species such as Incense Cedar and White Fir in favor of retention of mature/native Pine species and Oak.
  • Additional benefit will be an improved insurance rating, aiding in reducing our overall costs annually

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Painting by Bob Meyer: