New Frontier

The New Frontier District serves the cities of Long Beach, Lakewood, and Bellflower in at-risk low-income areas.

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About Us

A district is a geographical area of the council determined by the council executive board to help ensure the growth and success of Scouting units within the district’s territory. The district committee, along with a professional advisor called the district executive, is responsible for administering the program, ensuring its financial success, making connections in the community, shepherding established Scouting units, and adhering to national standards, goals, and objectives.

We are always open to new help and new faces! If you have the talent, time, and energy to advocate on behalf of the youth in our community, please contact Sherry Martinez via email or at (562) 427-0911 ext 244. 

We offer the ScoutReach Program at the following locations:   

Addams Elementary

Burnett Elementary

Chavez Elementary

Dooley Elementary

Edison Elementary

Gompers Elementary

Harte Elementary

Huntington Academy

Lee Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Mann Elementary

Muir Elementary

Melbourne Elementary

Riley Elementary 

Roosevelt Elementary

Stevenson Elementary

Webster Elementary

Whittier Elementary

Willard Elementary

Hughes Middle School

Washington Middle School