Board of Directors

The executive board in each local council is its policy-making body. Voting members include between 25 and 50 regular council members, the chairmen of the committees of the executive board, the chairmen of the district committees, and up to two youth members. The Scout executive is a nonvoting member. 

Key 3 Leadership

Council President: Albert Guerra

Council Commissioner: Steve Richard

Scout Executive/CEO: Marc Bonner

Executive Officers

VP Properties: Vince Attardo

VP Admin: Rich Dempsey

VP Membership: Jon Gotz

VP Program: Bob Colley

VP Fund Development: Lee Shoag

Treasurer: Katie Zinn

President-Elect: Sarah Sangmeister

Printable PDF List Here

updated 1/26/2023

*paid staff
**council past president


Board Members 

Dick Bell**

Bob Blair

Phil Bond**

Ron Camero

Mark Dameron

Tom Dixon

Paul Groff

Lindsay Hughes

Steve Keesal

Jeff Kellogg

Kirsten Larsen

Brian Moskovitz

Alec Murray

Sam Petralia

Nil Reyes

Brian C. Russell**

Christopher Van Horn

Eric Witten

Chris Shararian (Chair, Iron Star)

Johnny Bradford (Commodore)

Jacob Millett (Archon, TC)

Jenna Mielke (Chief, OA)