Our mission is to ensure that every eligible youth in our service area has the opportunity to join the Boy Scouts of America, participate in a quality Scouting program, develop leadership skills, and build character, citizenship and personal fitness.

Our Scouting programs help young people reach their full potential by turning them away from drugs, gangs, juvenile delinquency and violence and helping them to focus on developing positive traits such as physical and mental fitness, self-worth, self-esteem, self-reliance, personal satisfaction, patriotism, and respect for others.

Young people, including those with disabilities, from kindergarten through college participate in the Long Beach Area Council's variety of age-appropriate programs. These activities are led by over 2,500 dedicated volunteers with the support of the services, staff, and facilities of the Scout Service Center and camps.

We are able to provide a quality program through the chartered partner relationships that we enjoy with hundreds of community based churches, schools, community organizations, and businesses. We are always looking to work with new organizations.