Sea Scouts.

Sea Scouting is a co-ed outdoor program for young adults 14* - 20 years old and their adult advisors. Sea Scouts is a specialized segment of the Venturing program, which was organized to address members' boating skills and promote knowledge of our maritime heritage.

What do Sea Scouts Do?

You can learn to sail, to row, and to keep a boat in shape; you can cruise local waters or go sailing on long cruises far from home. You can learn to Scuba dive and take care of boats. You'll be active in camping, social events, tours, regattas, excursions, and seamanship contests. You'll also have a chance to develop maritime skills that can lead to careers later on.

Sailing and Crusing

Most Sea Scouting units, called ships, have sailboats or power vessels for learning to sail and cruise. During the boating seasons, every member has a chance to try their hand at the tiller, to trim the sails, and all members are taught safe and proper methods of handling boats. Sea Scouts also learn the meaning of buoys and lights, how to take advantage of wind and tide, and how to drop anchor or approach a dock. Day, weekend, and long cruises are held for all ship members.

Maintenance and Repair

A significant part of our Sea Scouting program is teaching and learning methods of boat maintenance. Most ships center at least a portion of their program around maintaining their ship's floating equipment. Each Spring scouts sand, scrape, caulk, and paint until it is trim and shipshape.


Most ships hold regular, weekly meetings either at Sea Base or aboard their vessel. Many are formal meetings conducted in either full dress or work uniforms with ceremony. Swimming, lifesaving, first aid, Coast Guard Auxiliary Sailing and Seamanship, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses are taught with the ship by their own officers. The state safe boating course is also offered by many ships. Occasionally contests between crews are held, or intership visits are arranged.

Join the Adventure - Become a Sea Scout!

*NOTE: Effective May 1, 2010, the minimum age requirement to join and participate in Venturing/Sea Scouts has changed to 14 years of age, or 13 years of age and completion of the eighth grade.