What Are Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouting is an exciting and fun program you get to do with your friends!


Tiger rank is for boys who are in the 1st grade or 7 years old.


The Wolf rank is for boys who have completed the 1st grade or are 8 years old.


The Bear rank is for boys who have completed the 2nd grade or are 9 years old.


Webelos is for boys who have completed the 3rd grade or are 10 years old.

What Do Cub Scouts Do?
■ Build a fire
■ Camp overnight
■ Catch a fish
■ Eat more s'mores
■ Start a water fight
■ Find a dinosaur bone
■ Race in a Pinewood Derby
■ Ride a horse
■ Shoot a BB Gun
■ Hit a bull's eye with an arrow
■ Use a sling shot
■ Help your neighborhood
■ Raingutter Regatta

...And Much Much More!

What Awards Can You Earn?

Kickball Video Games BB Gun Shooting
Horseback Riding Archery Arrow of Light

...And More!

What Else Can You Expect?




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