Strengthen Your Pack, Troop, Crew or Ship with Spring Recruiting!

Is there a right time of year to recruit new members and new parents? Many have asked this question. Of course there are specific times of the year when recruiting is concentrated but the real answer is year-round.

Spring is a great time to recruit the graduating Kindergarteners. They are excited about wearing the new Cub Scout uniform, and getting an opportunity to go to Cub Scout Day Camp. Tiger Cubs are the new life energy of any Pack. Don’t forget other ranks also. Remember the right amount to recruit is to replace the number of Webelos Scouts that crossed over into Boy Scouts and then add some new ones for attrition.

Boy Scout Troops should be looking at the graduating 5th graders and Venturing Crews should be looking at the graduating 8th graders. Plan your unit’s open house or fun activities. Encourage your Scouts to invite a friend.

Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships can invite graduating 8th graders and other young men and women to try out their programs for the summer. That way these new freshmen will have new friends when they begin high school.

Start now and plan for a successful recruiting event in your unit. Kids don’t join unless they are asked. Contact your District Executive today for assistance!

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